North Shore, Oahu

I have always been told I should start a blog and put more effort into my writing, so here I am. I have never been excellent at expressing my feelings, especially my sadness or grief(great at anger though), but writing my feelings and thoughts down has always been easy. I have had a lot of ups and downs in my life, like most, but when my son was still born almost two years ago in June of 2017, I found out more about myself than I ever thought possible. I want to write about that, write about everything I have learned, all the growth and progress I have made, and the extreme gratitude I have for my darkest days. I think that is the most powerful thing I have learned; your darkest days are easily transformable into the most life changing lessons. That you have so much power to change the most heart breaking life events into the most profound self progress imaginable.

So here I go, one word at a time.

Posted by:AriannaDesiree

I am 22 year old California girl who is still figuring it all out. Navigating life after loss, abuse, heartache, and self realization.

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