Diary Entry #4


Wow, I have been so busy lately. I was moving Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and have been trying to reorganize and get my house together in a way that makes me happy: decorating, organizing, cleaning, weeding etc. I am also approaching the the 2 year anniversary of my grandpa/dad dying and my son’s birthday. Overwhelmed is an understatement for how I have felt emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I am trying my best to keep it together, stay on track, and keep my life together, and yeah know I am doing a great fucking job *pats self on the back*. Right now I am incredibly exhausted and feeling enormously pregnant, but I wanted to try and get a diary entry in because keeping up on this blog has been a goal of mine and I don’t want to completely slack on, especially since it has been helping me emotionally and creatively.

My new place is perfect for my partner and I: small, cozy, and in the redwoods. The new place we moved to has quite a lot of work that needs to be done, but it feels good to be here, and like my partner said, it feels like we are where we are supposed to be. We started missing the mountain life almost immediately after moving into town, the cars, the sirens, the people, the crime, everything that involved living in a city was not working for us, so we are happy to finally be home. (As you can tell from my pictures, there is a lot of unpacking and organizing still to do, but it is our cozy little cabin).

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Please ignore my shitty grammar and spelling, I am exhausted and about to read my book and pass out!